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  • For persons who have to bend down or lift heavy objects regularly
  • Moderate low back tiredness
  • Moderate low back strain
  • Moderate low back sprain
  • Removable stays at the back of the belt, to support the lower back.
  • Belt at the outer layer wraps around the waist.
  • The back is made of breathable and moisture wicking mesh.
  • 4 sizes available
  • 外層備有腰帶,環抱腰部,承托力更強
  • 背部採用透氣網布,吸濕排汗
  • 100%香港製造,具超過20年經驗,品牌質素有保證
  • 適用於中度腰背疲勞、腰背痠痛、腰背扭傷
  • 4種尺碼
  • 減少腰間不良活動和扭傷情況
  • 提供支撐,限制腰部活動
  • 特別適合須經常彎腰或提舉重物的人士

8吋工作腰封 8" WORK BELT

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