• For lateral elbow pain, medial elbow pain and elbow strain
  • Clasp-shaped design and removable tendon pad reduces the pressure in the afflicted tendon when exerting.
  • Suede arm strap enables size adjustment, fitting the forearm shape.
  • Suitable for both hands.
  • One size fits all
  • Made in Hong Kong
  • 針對手肘外側痛、手肘內側痛、手肘勞損
  • 採用鉤型設計及可拆式腱墊,握臂時有助分散手肘外及內側痛處的大部分壓力,減輕負擔
  • 左右手均適用
  • 均碼
  • 採用絨面臂帶,方便調校,適合不同手型
  • 100% 香港製造,具超過20年經驗,品牌質素有保證

鉤型手肘束帶 Relive Elbow Clasp

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