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Internship Programme


A physiotherapy internship in Hong Kong is the perfect opportunity to acquire unique experience. You’ll develop an understanding of practices that will be completely new to you; all while gaining experience that will help establish your position as an initiator in your field. A proactive attitude on a physiotherapy Internship here could see you working to rehabilitate patients with a variety of conditions. These could include strokes, sports injuries and bones injuries. You could also be working in post-op rehabilitation, learning how specialists tackle this with different equipment.

Job Description

GRS physiotherapy interns get the chance to work in the Vitality Centre of GRS, learn how a practice is run, and gain experience with helping patients. An internship in physiotherapy may: assisting with strength and conditioning programs, assisting patients with therapy machines, and designing and evaluating therapy programs. Some administrative support work may also be part of the physiotherapy intern’s responsibilities. In the growing field of physiotherapy, it is important to get direct experience working with professionals and patients. Internship get a broader perspective on the relationships between patients and providers and on the ways in which physical therapy can improve patients’ lives. Working with GRS also demonstrates flexibility and commitment to the field, and having an internship on a résumé can be a great advantage in future job searches.

Other Consideration

Interns should have a strong interest in physical therapy work and the patience and empathy needed to work in patient care. Good communication and organization skills are particularly important, as is self-motivation and the ability to work independently and with others.

Contact Us

Whether you’re a student looking for experience that will help you develop, or a professional who wants to add something that stands out to your resume, an internship with GRS will prepare you for anything. Imagine yourself as a GRS intern. Join GRS today, and help us shape the business of tomorrow. GRS Internship programme is open all year round. Applications should be submitted through email. For details of the Programme, please refer to our website.

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