• Breathable and elastic material provides pressure to the sprained ankle, assists its movement and reduces swelling
  • U-shaped pad at the ankle area helps reduce swelling
  • Zigzag stitching enhances durability and prevents scratches
  • Suitable for wearing inside the shoe
  • Make in Hong Kong
  • 採用彈性透氣物料,緊壓患處、輔助足踝活動及消腫
  • 足踝處備有U墊,促進局部消腫
  • 適合穿於鞋履內
  • 採用人字車法,增加耐用性及防刮腳
  • 100%香港製造,具超過20年經驗,品牌質素有保證"

護踝 Slip-on Ankle Compression with U pad

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