• Provides dry heat treatment
  • No extra water for provoding heat is needed
  • When the pad is heating, it quickly evaporates the water in the air in order to produce heat which will be transferred to the body
  • Faster in producing heat than the other ordinary hrating pad
  • It won't lead to dry, ichy or allergic skin
  • 可提供體表乾熱治療
  • 不需用水自動產生濕熱
  • 熱敷墊加熱時,迅速蒸發停留在純棉墊套上空氣水份,產生濕熱,再傳至身體組織部份
  • 比一般熱敷墊更快製造濕熱,不會令皮膚乾燥、痕癢或過敏。

舒摩濕熱敷墊 SUMO Heating Pad 14"x27"

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