• Moderates lower back tiredness
  • Moderates lower back strain
  • Moderates lower back sprain
  • Criss cross design at the back strengthens the support by compressing the stays with elastic webbings when the inner layer is tightened.
  • Belt at the outer layer supports two sides of the waist.
  • Slim-cut design enables a comfortable wearing experience and reduces the inconvenience while sitting down
  • Zigzag stitching enhances durability.
  • 10cm (4"") high at the front and 25cm (10"") high at the back.
  • 4 sizes available
  • 背部採用十字結構,拉緊內層後,十字橡筋帶緊壓托板,加強下背部承托
  • 前幅高度15cm(6""),後幅高度25cm(10"")
  • 4種尺碼
  • 外層備有腰帶,環抱腰部,有效承托腰部
  • 採用修腰剪裁,確保穿戴時肋骨感覺舒適及減少坐下時之不便
  • 採用人字車法,增加產品耐用性
  • 100%香港製造,具超過20年經驗,品牌質素有保證
  • 適用於中度腰部疲勞、腰背痠痛、腰背扭傷
  • 減少腰間不良活動和扭傷情況
  • 提供支撐,限制腰部活動

十字腰封 Criss Cross Support

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