• Wraps around the wrist, providing appropriate pressure to and supporting the afflicted area.
  • Breathable and thin elastic fabric enables a perfect fit.
  • Suitable for day use and work-out.
  • Suitable for both left and right hand
  • Suitable for hand pains such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Made in Hong Kong
  • 包裹手腕,提供適當壓力及支撐患處
  • 採用透氣的薄橡筋帶,緊貼患處
  • 適合日用及運動時使用
  • 適用於左手或右手
  • 100%香港製造,具超過20年經驗,品牌質素有保證
  • 支撐及保護受傷的手腕
  • 適用於手腕麻痺刺痛、手腕勞損、手腕扭傷人士
  • 減輕媽媽手、腕管綜合症等手部痛症

Relive 護腕帶 Relive Wrist Wrap (Free Size)