• Relieves shock
  • Provides balance
  • Prevents fatigue of feet
  • The air pocket spoorts the arch to maintance the stance
  • Improves swing distance, direction and accuracy when playing a round of golf
  • Weight stabilizer provides stability and balance, supporting every muscle from feet to head
  • 吸震
  • 舒緩足部疲勞
  • 幫助平衡
  • 氣墊可幫助保持正確的站立姿勢
  • 在打高爾夫球時改善搖擺姿勢、方向和準確度
  • 設有穩定器,有效維持穩定性、平衡及支撐全身的肌肉  

鞋墊 Airarch Insole