• It can be mounted in a doorway or an overhead mounting without nailing
  • Improves shoulder circulation, enhances flexibility and increases range of motion
  • Strengthens weakened or frozen shoulders and promotes shoulder’s healing
  • Stoppers limit range-of-motion to prevent overextension of shoulder
  • Push button on stopper and slide to desired location before beginning to exercise
  • 只需夾於門上或掛於其他鐵架上
  • 改善肩膊關節的活動能力及增加肩膀伸展範圍
  • 適用於患有凍結肩的運動治療及有效加速痊癒
  • 塞子鎖定活動的位置,用以防止肩關節的過度伸展
  • 在開始運動前按下按鈕上的塞子來鎖定活動的幅度

肩膊運動牽引器 Shoulder Rope Pulley Set