• CanDo TheraPutty is the leader in resistive hand exercise material
  • Squeeze, pinch, stretch or twist CanDo TheraPutty to strengthen hand muscles, improve fine motor skills, and decrease stress
  • Sold in convenient easy-to-open containers
  • CanDo TheraPutty material is gluten, latex and casein free
  • 透過擠壓、捏、拉扯或扭轉練力膠,強化手部肌肉,改善小肌肉運動技能及減少壓力 
  • 小膠盒盛載,方便攜帶  
  • 不含麩質、乳膠及酪蛋白

練力膠 (紅色) Baseline Cano Theraputty (Red)