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A physiotherapy internship in Hong Kong is the perfect opportunity to acquire unique experience. You’ll develop an understanding of practices that will be completely new to you; all while gaining experience that will help establish your position as an initiator in your field. A proactive attitude on a physiotherapy Internship here could see you working to rehabilitate patients with a variety of conditions. These could include strokes, sports injuries and bones injuries. You could also be working in post-op rehabilitation, learning how specialists tackle this with different equipment.

Job Description

GRS physiotherapy interns get the chance to work in the Vitality Centre of GRS, learn how a practice is run, and gain experience with helping patients. An internship in physiotherapy may: assisting with strength and conditioning programs, assisting patients with therapy machines, and designing and evaluating therapy programs. Some administrative support work may also be part of the physiotherapy intern’s responsibilities. In the growing field of physiotherapy, it is important to get direct experience working with professionals and patients. Internship get a broader perspective on the relationships between patients and providers and on the ways in which physical therapy can improve patients’ lives. Working with GRS also demonstrates flexibility and commitment to the field, and having an internship on a résumé can be a great advantage in future job searches.

Other Consideration

Interns should have a strong interest in physical therapy work and the patience and empathy needed to work in patient care. Good communication and organization skills are particularly important, as is self-motivation and the ability to work independently and with others.

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Whether you’re a student looking for experience that will help you develop, or a professional who wants to add something that stands out to your resume, an internship with GRS will prepare you for anything. Imagine yourself as a GRS intern. Join GRS today, and help us shape the business of tomorrow. GRS Internship programme is open all year round. Applications should be submitted through email. For details of the Programme, please refer to our website.


My name is Violet and I turned 19 this year. I finished my first year at Oxford Brookes University and I came to Hong Kong for my 2016 summer vacation. I was a physiotherapy student receiving a two-week practical training programme at the Grace Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Centre (GRS). There is no doubt that I have learnt more than I expected and was very glad to be a physiotherapy assistant at the GRS.

The place is larger than it looks like. As you walk through the entrance, it feels like home! The place stands out with the clear white colour on the wall and I never saw a speck of dust! Most importantly, the physiotherapy assistants and physiotherapists are very considerate and helpful.

In these two weeks of training, I was shadowing three physiotherapists at the GRS, including Ben Chan, Rachel Yu and Kin Lee. Each physiotherapist has their own treatment plan style, yet, the plans are all very effective. Not only did I observe how they worked out, I also did some assessment on the patients under the physiotherapists’ supervision.

After the treatment, Ben, Rachel and Kin were so kind that they explained each case to me in details. They used electrotherapy such as ESWT (extracorporeal shock wave therapy), IFT (interferential therapy), ultrasound, Traction, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator), and many more. As for manual therapy, they use Maitland mobilisation, manipulation, myofascial release, therapeutic massage, etc. The list goes on forever! I would especially like to give a public statement of thanks to Ben Chan as he was the one who taught me the most. He is probably the most patient and compassionate man I know! I would also like to indicate how much work they put into this physio.

It is really exceptional that they can work for a solid 10-hour six days a week. They never give up during the day and put the same effort any time of the day. At heart, night clinic is a significant breakthrough in physiotherapy sector as it relaxes the minds of many office workers.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who works at the GRS. These two weeks have been the most educational and fun time on this summer vacation! They spend so much time and effort treating their patients and even me! Even though I am just a beginner! I would recommend this place to everyone, with a score of 10/10 of effort and personality given to the GRS.



Being an athlete and a graduate of physical education, my life is full of science and sports. After graduation, I tried to find my way forward. My willingness to face challenge and fascination with the human body movement has fuelled my desire to pursue studying in physiotherapy. That’s the reason why I chose to work in a physiotherapy clinic for gaining the relevant experience. My first impression was that Grace Physiotherapy and Sports (GRS) Medicine Centre was a clinic full of love and grace. In addition to its development towards sports, I undoubtedly thought that learning here would be a great and suitable opportunity for pursuing my interest.

Thanks to GRS, I was accepted immediately after an interview and started my internship here. Having worked here during the summer made me feel fruitful both physically and mentally. GRS’s waiting room makes you feel like staying at home and the whole centre is so commodious. Apart from electrotherapy, acupuncture and shockwave therapy, this clinic also invests much on exercise therapy. Thus, they have got a well-equipped gym room, including treadmill, stationary exercise bike, free movement gym, trampoline, dumbbells etc. Also, GRS’s staff are so considerate that they place televisions in the gym room for patients’ entertainment while they are having boring exercise.

Shadowing GRS’s physiotherapists allowed me to explore the rationale behind every step of treatment they did for patients, including their clinical judgment, and reflective practice. Within these 2 weeks of internship period, I spent most of my time shadowing physiotherapist Mr Chan. He allowed me to call him Ben which made me feel that he was a friendly person. Every time when there was a patient coming in, he would ask for the patient’s permission for my involvement in the treatment process. Observing his judgement to complaints and induced treatment allowed me to have a deeper understanding of a physiotherapist’s role. His acupuncture skills and experience impressed me the most. Furthermore, Mr Chan was also willing to discuss issues about physical disabilities with me during his free time.

Further and even more importantly, I appreciate GRS’s organised structure and their services to patients. Being well-organized, every procedure here is efficient. Administration and treatment processes are fast but comprehensive. As a caring organisation, GRS is also open at night so that salaryman can seek for physiotherapy services after work. Even more, the schedule here is not tight which makes sure every patient was well taken care of. All in all, the time in GRS was so precious to me and I really learnt a lot of new stuff here. Fortunately, I was not only treated as a physiotherapy assistant but every single physiotherapist and other staff here were willing to teach me and had taken good care of me.



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I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as physiotherapy assistant at GRS Grace Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Centre. I have gained valuable insight into the physiotherapy and rehabilitation industry in the past summer. Because of the opportunity given by GRS, allow me to work on a variety of projects, I had the chance to observe numerous aspects of rehabilitation. From assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders, to provide treatment and training. Everyone in GRS was extremely welcoming and helpful, and offered me terrific career advice. This internship has definitely increased my interest in pursuing a career in physiotherapy. Again, thank you for a terrific summer.



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Over the past 2 months the GRS has given me the opportunity to learn as being an efficient and compassionate physiotherapist while being able to work harmoniously with patients and co-workers, in order to bring the maximum effect of every single treatment to patients. All the physiotherapists here are exceptionally professional. They have been given their precious time to explain their own cases, including those individualised approaches and the clinical reasoning behind, as well as to share their professional life as career advice for me.
This internship has also given me the chance to work as a physiotherapy assistant. Not only to experience the busy working nature and environment in Hong Kong but also to learn how to coordinate and understand every need of each physiotherapist to make sure that the company is smoothly delivering the best patient care services.
As a newly graduated physiotherapist, I believe spending my spare time to complete an internship at GRS has been the best decision and the most inspiring things I have done so far this year. I would like to express my very great appreciation to all my colleagues and every physiotherapist for their valuable support and encouragement.



I have aspired to become a physiotherapist with a vision to improve the lives of patients and put in an effort to care for the elderly. Therefore, I have attended internship in Jordan from October to December in 2018. I was assigned to learn and observe the daily routines of an physiotherapist, such as understanding and helping people affected by mechanics injuries, illness or disabilities through movement and daily life activities, manual therapy, education and advice. During the internship, I understand that as a physiotherapist, it is important to be a selfless healer, to serve and to strive to look ways to help people physically and mentally. Thank you for the opportunity for working in a clinic and become more equipped to be a physiotherapist in the future.



Thank you for giving me the chance to work as a physiotherapy intern at GRS Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Centre. I really appreciate everything I got from this company. Over the past 2 months I have learnt how to communicate well with patients, colleagues and physiotherapists, in order to provide service and treatment that patients required. The physiotherapists here are extremely professional since they are willing to share their own perspective on each case, to explain the mechanism of injury behind, and allow me to participate in patients’ treatment, for example applying ultrasound and teaching therapeutic exercises to patients under supervision. This internship has given me the opportunity to learn and I am sure that working here has enabled me to become a more equipped physiotherapist in the future.



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Over the previous two months of internship at GRS Grace Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Centre, it has provided me the precious experience to observe and work with physiotherapists and gain exposure to the field. This internship is certainly recommended to students like me that are willing to pursue their future studies in the healthcare professional disciplines.

In GRS, there are opportunities for interns to interact with patients directly which allows us to be aware of and understand the needs of different individuals. Physiotherapists here are enthusiastic and happy to provide chances for us to learn about some general principles of rehabilitation, some tools and machines used during the therapeutic sessions and how are they applied on the patients.  

Throughout this internship, I gained the insight of a being healthcare professional, and learnt to be more considerate which would be lifelong useful even in other careers. Physiotherapists and my colleagues here are exceptionally welcoming and helpful, it was my pleasure to work as an intern this two months and I would like to express my gratitude to all of them for their support and this memorable experience.

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